SWIL participates in many forms of games. Generally, they come in three types: fluffy, heavy, and physical.

Fluffy Games

Fluffy games are generally card games or light board games. These are a few examples:

Fluffy games are generally played in the early evening, before the real heavy gaming begins.

Heavy Games

Heavy games are usually started later in the evening and will go on for anywhere between one and a half to five hours. Games that fall in this category are:

These games are generally on the serious side and the competition is fierce, for the most part.

Physical Games

SWIL has two physical games that it plays every so often. The first is Wink, a game of casual kissing and a Quaker War Game. The second is Full-Contact Red Light, green Light, in which anything goes so long as It dosn't see you move.

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For more in-depth descriptions of some of these games, visit Melissa Binde's games page.

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