The Pterodactyl Hunt



1. Monsters are the final judges of rule disputes. Anyone breaking the rules, or acting in an abusive or dangerous manner will be expelled from the Hunt and, at the option of the organizers, reported to Security.

2. Hunt Boundaries:

Northern Boundary: The Path from Sharples to Willets.
Eastern Boundary: The path in front of Mertz.
Southern Boundary: The Train tracks/ 320, including area south of Mertz.
Western boundary: The path running alongside of Sharples.

Nothing is hidden beyond these boundaries, and no fighting is allowed outside the hunt area.

3. All play is to be conducted OUTSIDE. Nothing is hidden in the buildings and play inside is against the rules.

4. There is no fighting on Sharples Patio.

5. Players will be furnished with weapons and armor at the start of the Hunt and throughout the night on Sharples Patio. ONLY WEAPONS AND ARMOR PROVIDED BY THE ORGANIZERS ARE ALLOWED.

6. Attacking a person or monster who is not wearing armor is illegal. To fight when not wearing armor is illegal.

7. To kill a player or monster ONE HIT MUST BE MADE ON THE ARMOR WITH A WEAPON PROVIDED BY THE ORGANIZERS. Hits on other portions of the body are NOT kills. Intentionally aiming for the head, or other part of the body not covered by armor, or using a weapon not provided by the Organizers is considered an extreme infraction of the rules and will result in being expelled from the hunt and reported to Security.

8. When a player dies, he or she must surrender all weapons and treasure, BUT NOT ARMOR, to the person who killed them. Players should remove their armor and return to Sharples Patio for another weapon.

9. When a monster dies, they give over any treasure they may be carrying to the person who killed them. They DO NOT hand over weapons or armor.

10. No more than SIX players may band together in a single group. Larger groups will be dispersed by the Hunt organizers. Any group found repeatedly disobeying this limit will be expelled from the game.

11. First aid is available on Sharples Patio. If seriously injured, go the Worth Health Center. There will be organizers in Parlors willing to provide assistance, settle disputes, and restock weapons until the end of the Hunt.


ORCS AND HOBGOBLINS-- These monsters carry swords and wear armor just like players, except that their armor is a different color.

ORC and HOBGOBLIN KINGS-- These monsters are the leaders of their respective minions. They carry two swords, making them more dangerous adversaries.

DACTYL GUARD: A group of orcs that has taken a crash course in poetry. Their swords have been painted to look like pencils, and they carry a shield, making them harder to kill than regular orcs. Three Dactyl Guards are protecting each Pterodactyl.

THE WEREWOLF-- One orc has become a werewolf and may only be killed with a silver sword. The werewolf is one of the few monsters that can kill with bare hands by touching a player's armor.

THE WIZARD'S FAMILIAR-- The familiar is an unpredictable creature. She may be found roaming anywhere. If you approach her when she is a nice kitty-cat, she will reward you in some manner. Be careful--when her claws are out, she kills with a scratch. There is a way to placate a grumpy familiar.

THIEF-- The thief is a very possessive creature. IT CANNOT BE KILLED, nor can it kill, but if it touches a player the player loses some treasure that he is carrying. To ward off a thief one must have a talisman of protection.

TROLLS-- Trolls do not wear armor AND MAY NOT BE KILLED. When a troll touches a player, or yells, "STOP!", the player must stop and listen to a riddle. If the players guess the riddle, the troll may give them candy and go away. If the players do not guess the riddle, they must stay and listen to one of the troll's jokes. Troll jokes are said to kill the listener, but this has not been proven. Trolls have been known to tell the Purple Joke.

THE VAMPIRE AND THE SHADOW-- Two nearly indistinguishable monsters, both invincible, one harmless. The vampire may kill with bare hands, CANNOT BE KILLED, and may only be driven away with garlic. The shadow knows.

THE BLACK KNIGHT-- An honorable knight who guards the Oracle of the Tower (see below). To approach the Oracle, you must prove your worthiness by defeating the Black Knight in SINGLE COMBAT. The Black Knight may only be defeated by receiving hits to both arms and both calves and even when vanquished may still be capable of nearly-killing insults.

THE ORACLE OF THE TOWER-- Not a monster per se, but a source of information. To approach the Oracle, you must first defeat the Black Knight (see above) in single combat. If you then approach the Oracle reverently, with some form of tribute, she may give you some small bit of information. The better the tribute, the better the information.

THE WRAITH-- An undead creature who lives off the experiences of others. If she touches you, you lose some of your experience points. To ward off the wraith one must have....

THE FISHMONGER--Wanders around the field selling fish, which can be bought and thrown at monsters. It may not do anything to the monsters, but it will make the players feel better!

THE JABBERWOCK-- Known for his burbling cry, the Jabberwock is a fearsome enemy. This ferocious being is strong enought to fight with two swords, one in each hand. The only way to kill a Jabberwock is to hit it with a Vorpal sword.

PTERODACTYLS-- There are two of these rare creatures left. To approach the pterodactyl, one must have a hunting liscense. To kill them and claim their glowing hearts (valuable prizes, indeed) you must hit the Pterodactyl THREE TIMES ON THE FEET. Beware, the Pterodactyls spit deadly poison that kills whomever it touches!

THE WIZARD AND HER MINIONS-- The Hunt is conducted on the Wizard's land. Her authority, and that of her minions, is supreme. Failure to abide by the laws of the Hunt will cause one of these omnipotent beings to remove you from the game. You may not attack any wizard. Wizards may be identified by their dark clothing and capes and the light-emitting wands that they carry.

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