The Book of the 'Dactyl

Rules (for hunters)

No intoxicants or people under the influence of intoxicants are allowed on the play area.

All participants are issued a trashbag. Monsters are given black trashbags and hunters are given white ones. The trashbag is worn over the (entire) torso. Any participant struck by an enemy's weapon on the trashbag is dead. A dead hunter loses his sword and all extra equipment (which is collected by the monster, who is not allowed to use it) but not money. A dead monster gives a reward to the hunter and then holds his weapon above his head to signal that he is dead as he walks directly to monster respawn. A blow to the head means instant death to the one striking the blow. The monster is the arbiter of any dispute. If things cannot be decided easily, as a last resort the monster and hunter may together appeal to a wizard.

No more than six hunters may attack a single monster at a time. If a monster is already engaged with a group of six hunters, you must wait until the current battle is finished before approaching. Please note you are still in play and may be attacked and killed during this time. Hunters are encouraged to create formal groups of six, because they can all share a bank account at hunt central, but it is by no means required.

Typically, the reward for killing a monster is money. Money may be used to buy all manner things (the exact items vary from hunt to hunt), including a 'dactyl hunting licence. A group of up to six, all with licences visibly displayed, may attack a pterodactyl (and his entourage). To kill the pterodactyl, both targets must be knocked out of the wings, and then the pterodactyl must be hit on the trashbag. A hit to the trashbag does not count if either of the targets are still in place. A shot from the watergun on the trashbag will kill any hunter. There is no 'dactyl hunting queue (only one group may engage the pterodactyl at a time, and if another group is waiting it is not safe from attack from monsters).

(At the wizards discretion: A hunter may request single combat with a monster. In the case of single combat, no one else may attack either of the participants. If single combat is enabled, no one in a 'dactyl hunting party may engage a guard in single combat. Accepting is always up to the monsters' discretion. Guards are encouraged to refuse but may accept if their 'dactyls are currently not under attack; special monsters are likewise encouraged to refuse, for the sake of fairness.)

At the beginning of the hunt, a hunter is given a sword. When the hunter dies and loses his sword he must return to Hunt Central to get a new one. Also at Hunt Central is the bank and the store, and snacks provided by SAC. Hunters are not allowed to fight without a sword because a swordless hunter is, by definition, dead. A hunter may only have one sword; if a hunter buys a new sword upgrade he must relinquish his old sword.

When the dactyl is killed it relinquishes its heart to the player who killed it. The player must then make his way back to Hunt Central with the heart. If the player dies on the way the heart goes back to the dactyl (this has always been in the rules but has never come up). At Hunt Central, the player shows the heart to the banker, gives his name and the names of the other members of his party. They should be told to return after the Hunt to receive their prize (pizza certificate). The death of the dactyls does not end the hunt.