SWIL Inauguration 2000

The ritual inauguration, 21 January 2000, of new SWIL presidents, as recorded by Jay Scott. I craftily pointed the camera away from myself so as not to appear in any of the photos.

Instant tradition, just add work! This inauguration came with a program of events. Here's the back cover photograph. Maybe recognizing all the items in the photo should be worth a purity point. On second thought, failure to recognize the bottle means nothing.
Preliminary gaming began around 10pm.
At 11, after gaming and before inauguration proper, assembled SWILdom calculated its Standard Updated Revised SWIL Purity. This event has been censored to protect the innocent. Also, pictures of people listening to questions and tallying points on little scraps of paper tend to be dull.
Inauguration itself happens by tradition at midnight. Here the outgoing presidents Kyla and Chaos prepare to read "Unreality Warp", a simplified explanation of quotidian normality. The planet is swiftly tilting in an attempt to throw them off balance, but they're unfazed.
The incoming presidents Amy', Ben, and Abby read their proposed names. Their actual names are too long for me to remember, so I'll call them Cheese, Food, and Product, or perhaps Ana, Chron, and Ism. Do not cross Abby--she has had an evil gleam surgically implanted in her eye.
The audience rejoices in silence.
The old and new presidents suffer out loud due to aggressive color correction.