SWIL's 32nd Reunion: The All-SWIL Cygnet

For the first time, we are going to be publishing an edition of the All-SWIL Cygnet, Cygnus falconeri, a "face book" of alumni names and bios to be distributed to all attendees, and available online for those who don't make it to Reunion.

If you are registering to attend Reunion, or have already registered, please remember to submit a small photograph and brief bio for inclusion in the Cygnet. You can go back and modify this after your initial registration

If you aren't registering or are unable to attend, you can still create an account and submit your photo and bio online. If you are having trouble with the web form, you can also email your submissions to jillian(at)swil.org and we will include them.

If you are attending and don't submit a picture, the organizers reserve the right to go look up your actual Cygnet photo and include that instead.

Cygnus falconeri is an extinct giant Pleistocene swan, shown here.

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