SWILshirt 2001

benjamin r, george:

this was a highly collaborative shirt design, here's the history so far as i know it (names at the time of the events are primary, name changes since then, when i know about them, are noted in parentheses):

i came up with the `It's lonely at the top' pterodactyl-over-Parrish shirt concept (a parody of the Swat shirt with the same slogan, which was really obnoxious). Rebecca Jones (McFarland) BMC '02 was the person who actually produced the image and submitted the design as a potential SWILShirt (the image is a combination of a scan from a copy of the logo provided by somebody in the administration, and a generic pterodactyl outline given to me by Amy' Marinello (Finkbiner) '02 earlier on for use in hunt prop). independently, the design on the front was produced by Sonia Mariano '02 and submitted as a SWILShirt design. i don't remember who at the voting meeting suggested that the two be combined. i'm pretty sure i suggested the addition of the text `EST. 1978'. i'm not sure who picked the fonts. [The fonts were picked by Amy' Marinello (Finkbiner), who as president somehow ended up with the job.]

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