More history

I noticed that the recent history of Lord Julius' Goat has made the history page, but there are some intermediate steps in that saga. First of all, the goat ran for President EVERY SINGLE YEAR at least from 1990 or so until it finally won in 1995-that's all I know from personal experience, but old-timers in SWIL seemed to think the goat had been trying for a while even back then, so the goat story may be older than that. It was certainly already running by my freshling year (Dec. 1991), and goes back at least one more year, but I think more than that. My own involvement with the goat saga was kind of on and off through those years, mainly limited to proposing the goat as a candidate twice (1992 and 1995) (who nominated the goat in 1993 and 1994?), producing a Swarthmore ID for the goat (who, by the way, is a professor in the Econ department, according to his ID) in 1992 with the help of Jim MacLeod, and coordinating (anonymously, and with much help from Jeremy Dilatush and others) the successful 1995 campaign-which featured Voat Goat posters in multiple languages. The 1995 campaign was actually largely non-SWIL, I had help and encouragement from several sophomores on ML 2nd who had little to do with SWIL, and I really wasn't active in SWIL by then, other than goat stuff. The goat retired to a sheep farm in Weybridge, Vermont (I've actually been to the particular sheep farm in question - run by Swat alums) only weeks after that election, and has not been heard from since. I believe that Josh Smith may have been involved with goat stuff right before I was, and that there was one more before him --(DW) [Dan Wells]

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