The Pterodactyl Hunt

The Pterodactyl Hunt originated as a joke perpetrated within the Swarthmore Folkdance Club in roughly 1982, was run by SWIL as part of Oktoberfest 1983, and was thoroughly adopted by SWIL in 1984. (Two years doth a tradition make.) It is now an annual event, generally taking place in mid-October, and drawing up to 200 participants in recent years.

The principle objective of the Pterodactyl Hunt is to slay the last living Pterodactyls, thus driving their sad species to extinction, and winning a pizza in the bargain. For some unknown reason, this is thought to be a good idea. One accomplishes this goal by dressing in period garb (a standard-issue suit of trash bag armor) and slaying many fearsome monsters (with a genuine authentic medieval foam sword).

A more complete description of the rules is here. History of the Hunt is described here.

The list of monsters is here. Unfortunately, it's not done yet, and wants pretty pictures, not to mention corrections to all the factual inaccuracies. Anyone want to draw/take pictures?

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Pictures of Past Hunts

Thoughts/suggestions/complaints about the hunt? Please email them to the hunt list (hunt (at) and we'll think about them.

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