The following mailing lists are available on swil.org. Please note that the names are shortened and may have spaces in them to prevent spammers from finding the addresses here and spamming them. Add @swil.org to all of the names to get the list name.

To subscribe to one of these mailing lists, e.g. mailing list examplelist, send a message to

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Additional information on the differences between the old majordomo interface and the new mailman one is available at http://www.swarpa.net/docs/mailman.html.

Mailing Lists

Quasi-official lists

3-4 messages per year, announcing major events and including an annual recap of SWIL occurrences and resources. Prospective postings to this list should be sent to presidents for approval.

The SWILnews distribution list. Subscribe to receive one copy of SWILnews each week.

chat lists:

SWILfolk. Chatting. Fairly high traffic. Be aware of the existence of the debate list.

Lively (but friendly) debate about current events, philosophy, politics, or pretty much anything else. A companion list to chit-chat, with some threads migrating back and forth.

Like chit-chat, but intended for computer-specific questions and discussion too geeky to interest the chat list.

fun lists:

What's going on in the Philadephia Area/Swarthmore College? Probably not useful if you're not on or near campus. An absolute must if you are.

boston-fun, nyc-fun, sfbay-fun, dc-fun, triangle-fun
Regional lists similar in purpose to fun. Currently represented are Boston, New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and the North Carolina "Research Triangle" area (Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill), but any area with a decent concentration of SWILFolk can start one of these.

A superset list of all regional fun lists (including just-plain-fun), for non-location-specific fun events, like meteor showers and t-shirt reprints. Anyone who is on one of the above fun lists will be automatically subscribed to this one, or you can subscribe directly.

Keepers of the Order of the Foam Sword. This list is used by hunt wizards and their co-conspirators to plan the annual Pterodactyl Hunt. Subscribe if you want in on the action.

This list is used to plan reunion-type activities, which generally means the next Alumni Weekend, or the next SWIL reunion if there's one of those coming up. Join if you're interested in attending.

Similar to the reunion list, this list is used to plan the next SWIL group vacation, like the cruise, the ski trip, or the camping trip (August 2003). Join if you're interested in such activities.

The Science Fiction Discussion Table. Usually, a new book is discussed each month, and the list is also used for some general SF news and discussion, like awards. Very low traffic, possibly defunct, but feel free to revive.

A daily news update on science fiction and science fact. The newsletter is written by Fred Bush '98. Currently unoperational, but maybe if you email Fred (fbsh at mail dot rochester dot edu) he'll start it up again!

The newfledged SWIL theology list, for discussions about religion.


The SWIL Contact List
Well, this isn't a swil.org list per se, but Snibor Eoj (jmrobins at oygevalt dot org) is compiling a SWIL contact list, to be emailed out monthly to those listed. If you'd like to be on the list, email Joe Robins.

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