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Books previously discussed on SFDT:

Date Book Title Author/Editor
July 2004 Sabriel Garth Nix
May 2004 Ender's Shadow Orson Scott Card
June 2002 American Gods Neil Gaiman
February 2002 The Complete Stories of Theodore Sturgeon, Vol. 4 Theodore Sturgeon
January 2002 Cat's Cradle Kurt Vonnegut
December 2001 The Fellowship of the Ring J.R.R. Tolkien
November 2001 Cryptonomicon Neal Stephenson
September 2001 The Alien Years Robert Silverberg
July 2001 A Deepness in the Sky Vernor Vinge
July 2001 The Amber Spyglass Philip Pullman
July 2001 The Subtle Knife Philip Pullman
June 2001 The Golden Compass Philip Pullman
February 1998 Starship Troopers Robert Heinlein
August 1997 Feersum Enjinn Iain Banks
July 1997 V for Vendetta Alan Moore and David Lloyd
May 1997 Worm Ouroborous E.R. Eddison
April 1997 The King of Elfland's Daughter Lord Dunsany
April 1997 The Light Princess George MacDonald
April 1997 The Day Boy and the Night Girl George MacDonald
March 1997 Forty Thousand in Gehenna C.J. Cherryh
February 1997 Fire Upon the Deep Vernor Vinge
January 1997 Mission of Gravity Hal Clement
January 1997 Left Hand of Darkness Ursula LeGuin
December 1996 Medea: Harlan's World Harlan Ellison (ed)

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